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I dislike Lemon, he is such a smug individual, he thinks he is so high and mighty.
I'm quite happy to see him go, he can push is agendas somewhere else now.
I says one thing and does another, I will never trust a word he says.

Tucker - Well what can I say.
He is a pretty smart guy, he understands what is going on out there. He sometimes speaks before he has the facts but I think he honestly wants to fight the establishment and we need more of that before we are all a bunch of sheep being herded of the cliff.
Lots to say about this/them but it’s a lot like politics…Stick around long enough and people will eventually get tired of you and vote you out.

Both have been centre stage of American political news for a very long time. Both were tools by the end of it.

Question is: was it actually a coincidence they both got fired the same day/hour?
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